The Ivory Foundation supports initiatives aimed at ensuring a healthy and balanced diet for all, by encouraging the consumption of local and traditional products. It is also committed to improving access to healthcare, for example for pregnant women and babies in remote rural areas of Africa. It supports associations working with people living with HIV/AIDS in the countries hardest hit by the pandemic. In France, it supports hospital initiatives for people at the end of their lives.

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  • pregnant women and young children in Dawady, Senegal

In Senegal, The Ivory Foundation supports the Kaicedrat association, which is developing health education and rural medicine initiatives in the country. Since 2015, the Fund has been financing the mobile team, made up of a driver and a midwife, responsible for visiting pregnant women and young children living in 20 rural villages located between 20 minutes and an hour from the health centre. Read more…

  • Dawady community centre, Senegal

djacent to the Dawady health centre from which the mobile team leaves, the Dawady community garden was created in 2019 with the support of The Ivory Foundation to involve 150 women in the management of a collective vegetable garden. They have been trained in agroforestry techniques and involved in the start-up of the garden. They can benefit from the garden’s infrastructure, in particular access to water.

The special feature of this garden is that part of the area is cultivated for the benefit of pregnant women monitored by the mobile team, which visits pregnant women in 20 villages within a 20km radius of Dawady every month. Every week, vegetables are made available to the midwife for distribution to the most vulnerable pregnant women she meets on her rounds. Read more…

  • Supporting HIV-positive patients at Piggs Peak Hospital, Eswatini

In Eswatini, The Ivory Foundation has been working for 10 years with the association Designing Hope, which provides support to HIV-positive and vulnerable women and children. A number of projects have been developed to improve their immune defences by giving them access to better food. On the one hand, this has involved developing community gardens at the hospital, but also encouraging women to develop their own gardens, in particular through the “One House – One Garden” project, which consists of enabling an HIV-positive patient at the hospital, identified as being particularly vulnerable, to build her own vegetable garden by providing her with all the necessary equipment (stakes, fencing, tools, seeds). In addition, a monthly food distribution is organised for the most vulnerable patients at Piggs Peak Hospital, who each receive a food parcel containing vegetables from the Macambeni or Malanti gardens, supplemented by basic necessities. At Piggs Peak Hospital, a new project has been funded by The Ivory Foundation to provide 30 packets of nuts and dried fruit each month to 180 HIV-positive children, so that they do not have to fast to take their treatment. Read more…


Since 2017, The Ivory Foundation has been supporting deaf and hearing-impaired young people at Saint Paul’s School in Lesotho. In 2019, the fund supported the creation of the Saint Monica educational farm located 10 km from this school, to accommodate 6 young people in professional autonomy, after their course at Saint Paul. The Fund helped these young people to set up a local NGO, Farming Our Future.

A farm manager (a former farm manager at St Paul’s school) is helping the young people to manage the farm so that they can become completely self-sufficient and take on new young people after them. Read more…

  • Palliative care at Palia aide

The Ivory Foundation supports the Palia Aide association, which helps patients at the end of life at the ARCHET hospital in Nice.
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