Since 2017, The Ivory Foundation has supported a project for young deaf and hard of hearing people in the Leribe region of Lesotho.

Thus 5 young people having finished their schooling at St Paul school for deaf and hard of hearing people, started a collaborative activity of pilot farm installed in the premises of the school St Monica. The farm includes organic market gardening, raising chickens, rabbits and sheep. The project also aims to promote sustainable agricultural techniques with learning programs based on the principles of permaculture, agroforestry, and circular economy. Accommodation is provided on site for young interns.

The Ivory Foundation thus organised the launching phase of this project to help these young people acquire equipment to start different activities: small farming, market gardening, cereals, fodder, wool, eggs, milk, cheese. The trainer’s / project manager’s salary is also covered. The objective is, in the medium term, to achieve farm autonomy.

This model farm thus offers complete professional agricultural training, both in terms of know-how and economic management intended to guide young deaf and hard of hearing people in Lesotho towards an independent activity, likely to provide for their future needs.

The young people of this project were legally supported to form a “Farming our Future” association, to manage this project efficiently and fairly. They are involved with the Farm Manager in the day-to-day financial management of the farm.

In this way too, they commit to giving way to other deaf and hard of hearing young people, once they have settled in independently. They will thus be able to continue to share their sign language skills with the other trainees.