The Ivory Foundation supports “Le Kaïcedrat” through an innovative project aiming at ensuring the electric autonomy of the medical center of Bala (Senegal)

Built in 2012 by the association le Kaïcedrat, the medical center of Bala, located 60km from Tambakouda in eastern Senegal, is in one of the driest and poorest regions of the country. It receives a largely rural population, living in difficult conditions with limited access to care.

This center has complete medical equipment: a maternity ward, radiology and ophthalmology equipment, especially to operate cataract patients, as well as dental equipment.

This center is very dependent on the electricity supply that powers its various medical facilities.
The regular power cuts cause problems and delays in the delivery of care.
In addition, the cost of power supply in rural areas is extremely high in this country.

Bala Center


The Ivory Foundation wishes to facilitate the operation of this medical center by providing electricity via an innovative and ecological device, powered by solar energy and able to generate a power of 10 kW .

This device, developed by the French company H2P based in Gardanne, has a much longer life than photovoltaic panels, and presents the possibility of storing solar heat, which is a great advantage in a country where batteries are a major environmental challenge.

The objective of this project is therefore threefold:

-Secure the supply of the medical center, to enable it to work away from regular power cuts.
-Reduce the operating costs of the center by lightening its energy bill
-Promote an innovative technique capable of producing clean energy, with energy storage possibilities without batteries, and therefore with a limited impact on the environment.

Above, development of the heat engine in the premises of H2P