The Ivory Foundation provided its support to the “Citoyen des rues International” association for a project aimed at hand in hand mentoring of six young graduates from the “Foyer pour enfants des rues” (Street Children’s Home) in Benin, in their training and professional integration.

The “Foyer Sonagnon” of Citoyen Des Rues International in Benin is a day-care and protection center for street children in Cotonou and its surroundings. This center provides a secure environment where the children receive access to hygiene, quality nutrition, and a range of socio-educational and vocational training activities.

In parallel, in-depth work is carried out with each child through psychosocial support. This multidimensional approach aims to collaboratively develop a life project with the child.

The ultimate goal is their reintegration into society as an independent individual, achieved through their return to the family and reintegration into either school or the workforce.The fund’s support allowed six young individuals to be guided through their training journey, helping them gain autonomy through their integration into the professional world.