The Ivory Foundation supported in 2016 a project led by the association “Essor” aiming to facilitate the access of 60 young children, in a situation of social vulnerability, to quality pre-school education in the city of Maputo, Mozambique.


In collaboration with the civil society and local authorities this project had four main objectives:

-To contribute to the necessarcognitiveaffective and psychomotor proficiency skills of disadvantaged children

-To Improve the educational skills of families as well as their living conditions

-To strengthen the capacity of neighborhood associations to manage and implement preschool projects

-To promote the integration of pre-school in the national education system.

60 children aged 3 to 6, from disadvantaged families or orphans, without access to private kindergartens due to lack of resources and the number of existing structures, have thus been able to integrate the primary school more easily and better prepared, improving their chances of academic success and socialization.