Since 2017, The Ivory Foundation has been involved in projects aimed at mitigating the conflicts emerging between human communities and elephants. The aim is to raise awareness and educate local people about respectful behaviour towards elephants, thereby helping to preserve the biodiversity of their shared environment.

The interaction between elephants and human communities is a complex challenge.
Because of their vital need for food and water, elephants can exert considerable pressure on local resources, with serious consequences for the livelihoods of neighbouring populations.

Elephants can sometimes come into conflict with local people, resulting in damage to property, loss of crops and even safety risks for local people. This desperate situation pushes some communities to resort to extreme measures to protect their interests, leading to an increase in poaching to control the damage caused by elephants.

By implementing preventive measures and conflict management strategies, it is possible to reduce these incidents and promote harmonious coexistence between humans and elephants.

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