The Ivory Foundation provided its support to the association “Audition Solidaire France-Sénégal” for a project aimed at assisting hearing-impaired adolescents in Tambacounda and Sinthiou Malème in their process of social and professional integration through income-generating activities. 

The objective is to ensure that this economic activity considers local realities by offering sustainable and non-relocatable jobs, thereby combating social exclusion, malnutrition, and food deficiencies.

Consequently, the association implemented training sessions within an educational farm serving as a technical platform for training, information, and awareness for traditional farmers in the region. The aim is to promote sustainable agriculture among young deaf and hearing-impaired individuals and facilitate their transition towards modern agricultural technologies. This project provides these adolescents with the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and achieve social inclusion by participating in a sustainable economic activity, while also contributing to addressing social exclusion, malnutrition, and food deficiencies in their community.