The Ivory Foundation is working to promote sustainable agriculture that respects people and the environment by increasing the number of environmental education projects and the development of community and agro-ecological educational gardens.
In this way, the Fund is helping to preserve the natural balance and endangered species, as well as protecting the soil while training local people in sustainable farming practices.

  • Overview of actions supported in this area

  • Promoting agroforestry

Since 2015, The Ivory Foundation has been involved in projects to promote agroforestry in West and Southern Africa, in partnership with APAF (Association for the Promotion of Agroforestry). The first project to see the light of day was the Yagma agroforestry garden in Burkina Faso, which transformed a desert wasteland on the outskirts of Ouagadougou into a veritable garden forest that has become a model for the neighbourhood.

In 2018, The Ivory Foundation launched a second collaboration with APAF on the outskirts of Mbour to develop an agroforestry seed farm in Diokhar, a project that was extended to three other sites in the following years. In 2021, the Garden of Skills will benefit from this expertise, developing a 1 hectare agroforestry plot. In 2023, in partnership with the NGO Farming Our Future, The Ivory Foundation is developing a 3-hectare farm in Levi’s Nek, Lesotho, which will also incorporate the principles of agroforestry. Read more…

  • Education and awareness of environmental protection 

The Ivory Foundation supports the Nebeday association, whose main objective is the participative management of natural resources by and for local people. Education is at the heart of the association’s activities, and it is also working to set up a range of value-adding activities for natural resources (moringa leaf powder, monkey bread, bissap, honey, fish, shellfish, etc.) to raise awareness of the need for sustainable resource management while developing the local economy..  Read more…

  • Protecting endangered species, in particular elephants 

Since 2017, The Ivory Foundation has been involved in projects aimed at mitigating the conflicts emerging between human communities and elephants. The aim is to raise awareness and educate local people about respectful behaviour towards elephants, thereby helping to preserve the biodiversity of their shared environment.

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  • using biochar as an environmental solution

Since 2013, The Ivory Foundation has been experimenting with the production of biochar in southern Africa.Biochar is an amendment obtained by carbonising plant waste, which has the power to improve soil quality, regenerate degraded soil and store nutrients and water in the soil.

The project, which began in 2013, involved setting up three burners to produce biochar locally. Read more…

  • Experiments in sustainable agriculture

Installation of a bioclimatic greenhouse

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