The Ivory Foundation has provided support to the association “Street Child France” for their family entrepreneurship program in Rwanda. 


Although Rwanda is one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies, the country still faces challenges of poverty and inequality. Significant progress has been made in expanding access to education by eliminating primary school enrollment fees, but the number of children dropping out of school remains high. Many families withdraw their children from school to send them to work, and the switch from French to English as the official language of instruction ten years ago has posed difficulties for both teachers and students.

The “Street Child France” program aims to help these children continue their education by empowering primarily mothers, who play a key role in their families, by assisting them in mastering their income through the creation of profitable and sustainable businesses. Through this financial empowerment, they can take care of their children’s school fees and provide them with better opportunities for their future.

The initiative of Street Child goes beyond mere financial support, as it also aims to reduce the economic exclusion of participants. Thus, this program targets long-term and sustainable changes in the lives of the families involved.