The Ivory Foundation has provided support to the association “Jardins du Monde” for a project aimed at improving the health conditions of the most underprivileged populations by promoting the rational use of medicinal and food plants, especially among the youth.

The project focuses on the development and promotion of traditional pharmacopoeia as a strategy to recover ancestral knowledge and practices. By offering an alternative to conventional human and veterinary healthcare, which is often inaccessible to the targeted populations, it contributes to addressing health problems related to common pathologies and major parasitic diseases affecting the concerned areas.

This project is also aligned with the principles of sustainable development and the conservation of plant heritage, taking into account the economic, social, and cultural realities of the local populations. The integration of the rational use of medicinal plants in primary healthcare and veterinary services allows engaging the concerned populations in a process of autonomous management and improvement of their health situation.

As part of this project, the association has established partnerships with local associations and institutions. It has analyzed the local health situation and conducted ethnobotanical surveys and bibliographic research before setting up medicinal and educational gardens. Subsequently, the information resulting from these activities has been disseminated to the targeted populations.