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In collaboration with the Agroforestry NGO ‘APAF’, The Ivory Foundation is supporting a project to develop the Yagma school grounds (1ha), in particular through agroforestry and the use of fertilizing trees.


Yagma School opened in 2012. It is located in Yagma Koudogo neighborhood, a new neighborhood built on old farmland to relocate the victims of the 2009 floods that ravaged several neighborhoods of Ouagadougou.
It is a private school, which fills a part of the lack of places in the public school that can not accommodate all
neighborhood children (public school is 7km away). In 2017, it welcomed 217 children, aged 11 to 16 years.


This project aims to:

– improve the nutrition of children, especially the poorest, by allowing them to receive a meal at lunchtime,

– produce locally fresh vegetables, eggs and poultry for the needs of the canteen,

– provide additional income with the sale of vegetables to finance other needs (rice, pasta, sardines, oil …), the objective being to achieve a self-sufficient system,

– achieve energetic self-sufficiency of the canteen with the production of firewood,

– create a model garden using the techniques of agroforestry, which can serve as an example for families living in the neighborhood

– create vocations among young people to these organic and profitable farming techniques.


The Ivory Foundation financed the construction of a school canteen building, the establishment of a pedagogical garden to produce vegetables for children’s meals, and the training of the project team.