The Ivory Foundation is committed to actions recognized of public interest in social,educational and environmental field, sharing a common goal of sustainable development.

Social and educational components include supporting schools, social and medical institutions, but also initiatives supporting business creation and social entrepreneurship, as well as programs promoting access to education and training.

Supporting learning and training adapted to local economical backgrounds,The Ivory Foundation wishes to contribute to sustainably integrate individuals including young people in their local community, were they become valuable actors and assets.

The environmental component includes research in the field of ecology and biodiversity, actions of protection of the environment, safeguard the natural environment and the survival of species, as well as improving the quality of life in rural and urban areas.

Targeting in particular its action on new forms of natural culture and preservation of fauna and flora, The Ivory Foundation contributes to the fight against malnutrition, provides long term means of livelihood, and increases the standard of living of vulnerable people.

Territories of action are Africa, South East Asia and Europe.