The Ivory Foundation supports the ‘Imad Ibn Ziaten’ association for Youth and Peace. This association was founded by Mrs. Latifa Ibn Ziaten, the mother of sergeant Imad Ibn Ziaten who was murdered March 11, 2012 by Mohamed Merah in Toulouse.


The ‘Imad Ibn Ziaten’ association aims to work with children and young adults, in schools and all social circles as well as among inmates in prisons, in order to:

  • Contribute to the establishment of a genuine interreligious dialogue
  • Prevent sectarianism and extremism
  • Set up a secular and republican educational structure, supported by a multi-faith unit, committed to speak in prisons and schools, especially in disadvantaged neighborhoods where youth are in disarray and where lawlessness seem to reign,
  • Promote secularism and state loud and clear that it does not mean rejection of religion, but rather the right to live his faith, while having the obligation to respect other’s as well as the laws of the Republic,
  • Create a public and formal framework to promote discussions and meetings between stakeholders in of civic life and the country’s social actors.

Driven by Mrs. Latifa Ibn Ziaten, who tirelessly toured France to meet the youth in schools, prisons, the association tries to give courage and hope to a generation of immigrant who feels ostracized.



A documentary on this unique approach is in progress by Cyril Brody and Olivier Peyon to support the action of Mrs. Latifa Ibn Ziaten and give her an echo in the public. Through a wide distribution this film aims to be a relay of her message.

In 2017, The Ivory Foundation has supported the production of this documentary and the activities of this association, including a trip for twenty children from tough neighborhoods of several regions of France in Morocco early 2018.


Trailer of the film