Vegetable biodiversity conservation project in support of family farming in Benin.

As part of its call for projects – Agriculture and environment category – The Ivory Foundation supports a project led by the association Compétences Solidaires.

Compétences Solidaires is a network of volunteer consultants who put their professional experience at the service of NGOs to help them in their development projects.

This project plans to train 200 farmers in the cultivation of endangered vegetable plants. This training takes place in the 12 departments of Benin thanks to 8 experimental gardens established in 2017.
4 additional gardens are to be set up to cover all the regions of Benin.

The action also provides for a campaign to promote traditional vegetable plants among consumers.

A communication campaign towards consumers and restaurateurs will be organized and the objective is to hire 10 restaurateurs around each of the 12 convivial places distributed in Benin to highlight recipes based on traditional varieties.

In addition, consumers will be able to buy from witness shops and sign up for periodic home delivery with seasonal vegetables.