Small goat farming project to improve living conditions and reduce food insecurity in the area of Kalolo, Province of Namitete, Malawi.

As part of its call for projects – Fight against exclusion – The Ivory Foundation supports a project led by the NGO “Partenaires”.

This project consists in starting a small goat breeding farm for 200 isolated seniors, by the purchase of 180 females and 20 males, and the construction by the villagers of a raised shelter for each beneficiary. The first 200 will commit to participate in a solidarity chain by donating their 1st born.
The surplus will allow households to form mini-herds: as needed each beneficiary can sell one or more animals, either to take a hit or to improve their ordinary lean.

To support these people, three associations of elderly people will be created in the Kalolo area. These associations will allow beneficiaries to meet, overcome their isolation, carry out activities, access collective services and exchange experiences.

Training sessions will also be organized for beneficiaries, in order to make them aware of the role of nutrition. Other topics such as foods for goats, how to fight against diseases of small ruminants, reproduction in small ruminants, or hygiene of the habitat will also be discussed.