This project was initiated in 2015 by NGO ICD Afrique with the support of The Ivory Foundation, the RAJA Foundation and the PACA Region. It aims to enhance the food security of rural populations by developing a method of organic livestock and sustainable agriculture as well as supporting income-generating activities.



-Develop a mode of livestock and organic farming to preserve the environment and health of populations
-Set up a fruit, vegetables and fish processing activity, to ensure a balanced diet and income all year
-Organize a cooperative purchasing and sales system to improve family incomes.



4 regional groups have been created and the members (nearly 300 women in total) have received several training courses in the field of market gardening, small organic farming, fruit and vegetable processing techniques, and management. and administration.

Production facilities (fencing, water storage tanks, tools, seeds, etc.) were set up at the four sites in early 2016, enabling the start of the market gardening activity in the first half of the year.

Nutritional awareness-raising actions, were also conducted by the association in several villages in the region.


The groups of women benefited from the Kaydara farm training school, exemplary project in the field of organic farming. Each group now has tools and equipment (processing unit, henhouse, market gardens, irrigation equipment …) necessary for the implementation of its business. Some producers have also been trained in financial management and marketing to create a purchasing cooperative and sale of organic products allowing both to pool resources and optimize income generation.