Based in Lauris (Nation Park of Luberon), historic center of production of natural colors, the association “Couleur Garance” has a garden having been awarded “remarkable garden”, and is dedicated to plants of which are extracted dyes for dyeing, paint, cosmetics, food.


Couleurs Garance en Luberon
The terraced garden of Couleur Garance in Lauris

This garden is meant to be an educational tool of transmission of such knowledge, and preservation of biodiversity, as well as an exceptional collection of color garden plants, grown ecologically.

Today, the revival of vegetable colors is more relevant than ever. The use of color resources found in our environment is a realistic alternative to environmental issues. Indeed, vegetable colors are part of an ecological approach to sustainable development. These renewable resources offer environmental solutions to improve the quality of life for all of us.

“Couleur Garance” is also a place of research, exchanges and documentation. It organizes regular exhibitions, tours and workshops for children and adults, as well as professional training courses.

Couleur Garance at Lauris
The green house of Couluer Garance in Lauris


Through its support, The Ivory Foundation contributed to the International Forum of Vegetable Colour, that brought together stakeholders from around the world.